Becoming Royal

Becoming Royal

Empowering + Inspiring the Next Generation

Creating the Next Generation of Western Industry Leaders Since 2015.

Based out of the beautiful Willamette Valley, Becoming Royal was founded in 2015 as a service to assist young women as they strive to become the next generation of leaders in the western industries. Our annual clinic in 2016 hosted in Corvallis, Oregon, saw over 50 attendees from around the Pacific Northwest, led by 2015 Miss Rodeo America Lauren Heaton. We aim to bring the best professionals in the business that are positive in how they work with youth to help them on their way to being successful in whatever they choose to do. 

Our nonprofit was founded by four individuals from different walks of life, each bringing unique skills and opportunities to the table. Diligently working with our board to create one of the most unique and overwhelmingly amazing opportunities for leadership growth, we bring in the best of the best to our clinics. 

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Areas of Expertise

Interview skills

Interview skills aren't just necessary for the world of competition pageants! Skills taught for interviewing will also lead to future opportunities in networking and jobs. Presenting yourself and selling your skills is one of the many traits not taught in today's school systems that are essential for youth entering the working world. 

Social media

The world of being a titleholder requires titleholders to have a strong social media presence. Learning how to be proactive on social media, professional at all times, and a great representative for your life and your sponsor can help lead you to a future career with someone who noticed your profile. 

Modeling + Presentation

The way one enters a room, pulls out a chair, and reaches for a handshake are all types of modeling. Our clinics teach participants how to portray themselves with class and professionalism at all times, as well as how to work the modeling runway for their next appearance. 


Learning how to market and commit sales are an important aspect of any title. Learn ways to approach sponsors, useful tools, and how to think outside of the box to get you sponsors to get you down the road. 


Western influencers are quickly taking over today's fashion industry and we are here to help individuals find a color palette compatible with their skin tone and presence, as well as a style that flatters their body and makes them feel confident. 

horsemanship + cattlework 

Learn from the best when it comes to carrying flags, presentation runs, and horsemanship patterns at one of our clinics. Learning how to handle your horse or a strange one, in and out of the rodeo arena with confidence will make you a stronger rider and a better titleholder. Our annual clinic in Corvallis, Oregon, also provides an opportunity for one-on-one coaching in cattle work. 


Little girls with dreams become women with vision.
— unknown


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